Holistic Aesthetica

Skin & Aura Care

  • Not sure what you need? We’ll always have a consultation beforehand.

The Nourish

  • Starting with the the consultation, we customize The Nourish facial with appropriate products, optional added modalities, product enhancements, and/or even design a series of treatments for specific needs.

All Della Terra Facials Start Here (But They Don’t Have To End Here).
This is the heart of Della Terra’s skin care rituals where you can experience the difference that a licensed, experienced professional can make. Utilizing powerful, nutritive, and natural ingredients, the ritual includes a custom experience of: A deep cleanse, therapeutic and contouring facial massage + acupressure treatment, exfoliation, extractions if needed/desired, a masque, a brief neck + shoulder massage and energy work treatment. This is the only the beginning (Keep scrolling to see what you could add on to The Nourish as well as pre-designed Treatment Experiences. The Nourish starts at $65

Additional Treatments

 The ImmortalGua Sha + Energy + Meridian therapy

My favorite treatment to share is a 10 minute rejuvenating massage that creates a timeless glow, detoxes the skin, blood, and muscles of the face, moves stagnant Chi (aka Prana or vital life force energy). This treatment neutralizes the affects of stress on the skin, relaxes the mind, and calms the spirit. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapeutic remedy, commonly applied in conjunction with acupuncture or as a standalone treatment. These healing modalities recognize the body’s own self healing abilities. In skin care, they promote growth of new skin cells, smooth and tighten skin, and with continued application can yield remarkable results making it known as *The* natural, non-invasive facelift. $13

The Cloud MiniEnergy Work + Hand or Foot Massage

Float in total relaxation with 20 additional minutes that includes energy work + hand massage or foot massage. $22


Dermaplaning is professional level exfoliation for extreme build up, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and removal of vellus hair (peach fuzz). Do you feel like your make up just sits on top of your skin or like you have this “weird outer layer of yucky-ness” and your skin just needs a fresh start? Let’s do it! Let’s make you the freshest. (consultation required to determine whether or not you’re a candidate. No Retinoid use 4-7 days prior to treatment). $25

Chemical Peel 

Include a peel and treat dull, congested, aging, hyperpigmentation, or acneic skin… shine like a crystalline dream, transcend the mundane, in a single act of skin care. Bill Nye said it best in his chemistry episode: “Chemicals can be found everywhere in nature”! In this field we work with quite a few including but not at all limited to malic acid which can be derived from apples or lactic acid from milk or plants. Let’s get one thing crystal clear: your skin. $25

Little Extra Treat –

Scalp massage, hand, *or* foot massage $10

Energy work $15

Wax On Wax Off

Eyebrow or Chin Wax- $10 Lip Wax- $8 Nose Wax $8


A mini reading that can last up to thirty minuets for some insight and fresh perspective. $30

Counsel With The Cosmos –

A therapeutic approach to astrology for empowerment and to deepen awareness and understanding.

First Session– 

Time may vary depending on client needs. 75-90 min: $80 – $100

Regular Sessions– 

75 min: $80

Learn more about it on Della Terra’s sister site Acqua Mistica right here. and see what can be gleamed from this offering right here.

Folk Remedies –

Learn more about it right here. on Della Terra’s sister site Acqua Mistica

Pre-Designed Treatment Experiences

The Ethereal:

The perfect combo for a heavenly glow and refreshed spirit, inspired by you! The most popular treatment combination to date: The Nourish, dermaplane, frequency exfoliator, and The Immortal. $90

The Astral:

A mind, body, and spirit reset that promotes rejuvenated vitality to the skin, a light euphoria, and deep restorative peace. This treatment experience includes The Nourish, The Immortal, extra energy work, plus, scalp, hand, and foot massage. $113

The Cloud- Energy Work + Hand or Foot Massage:

A treatment option if you’re not necessarily looking for skincare but need something to revive your effervescence. A 45 minute full energy work treatment with a hand or foot massage to cleanse the aura, lift the spirits, and feel as dreamy and light as a cloud. Stimulates the bodies natural healing and catalyzes deep rest and relaxation. $55

The Baby Moon:

Self care for expecting mammas. The Nourish Combined with a scalp, hand and foot massage. Baby Moon is a term used for a last little vacation before baby arrives. Mammina’s need love big time so I wanted to create a treat of an experience that would allow expecting Mammas to leave Della Terra feeling totally rejuvenated, rested, and restored. $90

The Mamma Moon:

Self care for The Mammas. The Nourish combined with The Immortal, scalp massage, and a hand or foot massage. There’s a Honeymoon and a Babymoon, and they’re ought to be a Mammamoon because moms often give over the max output of energy and attention to others, commonly putting themselves last. Whether this is your treatment to prevent burnout or to remedy it…Here’s to the Mamma’s, you deserve it. $90

Advanced Treatment Experience

For clients whose skin is already conditioned to advanced treatments.

The Nourish Goddess:

The Nourish, dermaplane, peel, and The Immortal. $118 for the extra extra, add a scalp massage $120