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Skin & Aura Care

  • Not sure what you need? We’ll always have a consultation beforehand. Consultations can take up to 15min if skin related and up to 20 min if spiritually related.

The Nourish

All Della Terra Facials Start Here (But They Don’t Have To End Here).
This is the heart of Della Terra’s skin care rituals where you can experience the difference that a licensed, experienced professional can make. Utilizing powerful, nutritive, and natural ingredients, the ritual includes a custom experience of: A deep cleanse, therapeutic and contouring facial massage + acupressure treatment, exfoliation, extractions if needed/desired, a masque, a brief neck + shoulder massage and energy work treatment. Total treatment time- 60 min $70

The Nourish Immortal

The Nourish plus a rejuvenating massage that creates a timeless glow, detoxes the skin, blood, and muscles of the face, moves stagnant Chi (aka Prana or vital life force energy). This treatment includes: Gua Sha, jade acupressure wand, Kansa wand and sculpting techniques. It neutralizes the affects of stress on the skin, relaxes the mind, and calms the spirit. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapeutic remedy, commonly applied in conjunction with acupuncture or as a standalone treatment. These healing modalities recognize the body’s own self healing abilities. In skin care, they promote growth of new skin cells, smooth and tighten skin, and with continued application can yield remarkable results making it known as *The* natural, non-invasive facelift. Total treatment time- 75 min $80

The Ethereal

The Nourish Immortal facial + dermaplaning. The perfect combo for a heavenly glow and refreshed spirit and the most popular treatment. Total treatment time- 75 min $90

The Cloud

A brief cleanse of the face followed by: The Immortal face massage, scalp massage, hand massage, energy work, and optional guided healing meditation. Float in total rest, relaxation, and facilitated healing. Who might this benefit? Those remedying or preventing burnout, healers who need a reset, those who are seeking a facilitated energy cleanse and vibe elevation. This is not a skin care focused treatment, it’s a spirit centered treatment. Total treatment time- 75 min $80

The Astral

A mind, body, and spirit reset that promotes rejuvenated vitality to the skin, a light euphoria, and deep restorative peace. This treatment experience includes The Nourish Immortal facial, extra energy work, plus: scalp, hand, and foot massage. Total treatment time- 110 min $118 with dermaplaning $125

Treat Yourself –

Scalp, hand, *or* foot massage $10

Wax On Wax Off

Eyebrow or Chin Wax- $10 Lip Wax- $8 Nose Wax $8

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