About Della Terra

The Magic of Della Terra’s Holistic Aesthetica

Della Terra’s practice of Holistic Aesthetica is focused on creating a customized treatment experience in consideration of each individual’s journey, skin, needs, and desires. Treatments are restorative, nourishing, and balancing for the skin and spirit. As a result of treatments the skin effectively holds vitality and an ethereal glow and you will look as beautiful as you feel.

Aside from visible results being priority, Della Terra aims to decrease fatigue + facilitate a re-alignment of the energy body, physical body, mental body, and emotional body. When this happens, natural rhythms return to a more centered state. In this slowing down, the body and mind have a chance to activate their very own affective healing capabilities. You feel calmer yet invigorated and reconnected to a more whole state. Everything looks and feels brighter and more vibrant.

Holism is any system that observes and engages with a person, animal, or, or environment in their wholeness. ⋐ These systems recognize and honor that there is more than the physical presentation and endeavors to bring or maintain alignment for integration/wholeness/ balance. It is only in the last 2,000 years that a view widely developed of a separation between mind, body, emotions, spirit, and energies. Holism is ancient. We can once again make it a way of life and thrive, living beautifully, in wholeness.